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Caution: Watching this deliciously bizarre ad may cause your entire head to turn inside out and your knees to violently explode.

Nissin’s flagship Cup Noodle brand never fails to impress with delightfully quirky ads and commercials, not to mention with the brand’s often eccentric (though sometimes disgusting) novelty flavors.

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But the company seems to have outdone itself this time with this rabidly bizarre Japanese TV commercial that appears to be a parody throwback to 90s era Japanese tokusatsu series and low-budget TV space operas as viewed through the lens of a month’s supply of psychedelic drugs.

The commercial is part of a promotional campaign for Nissin’s long-running U.F.O. Yakisoba brand of instant yakisoba noodles, and is apparently drawing a connection between yakisoba’s place at the forefront of so-called “B-Gourmet” foodstuffs and “B-Grade” space operas, although the implied connection is likely to be lost on viewers, whose heads and eyeballs will spinning in full circles at the sheer craziness of the ad.

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Nissin appears to have gone whole-hog with the 90s motif, too. Even the promo’s website features a deliberate Geocities-era aesthetic, as though your embarrassing, angst-ridden blog you made back in your teens has come back from the Internet stone-age to haunt you.

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Despite the zaniness, Nissin never skimps on the production values, and the commercial is a pretty dedicated homage to some of Japan’s most beloved cheesy 90s television. And, hey, who knows? Maybe if you still have the capability of logical thought at all after viewing, you might even find yourself craving some Nissin yakisoba?

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Source: N Lab
Images: YouTube/Nissin