Babymetal has released a music video for “The One” ahead of their upcoming album Metal Resistance…and it’s got lots of English lyrics!

Hey, did you know Babymetal will be releasing a new album April 1? If you’ve been reading RocketNews24 diligently for the last few months, then the answer should be yes! We were stoked to see the video for their single “Karate” earlier this month, and judging from the nearly 2.5 million views the video has gotten, we’d say we’re not alone.

Well, the group isn’t done helping build hype for Metal Resistance. In fact, they’ve just release a new official video for the song “The One”!


The video is composed of live footage from Yokohama Arena, filmed last December. The various shots feature the singers floating above the audience with giant fox heads spewing smoke in the background, as well as lots of fire. It is, to put it simply, pretty freaking metal. But as bizarre as all that may sound, it works surprisingly well with the mid-tempo ballad’s its melodic vocals and extended guitar solo towards the middle of the song.

▼ Yeah, you’ll just need to experience this one for yourself.

Perhaps most surprising is the abundance of English lyrics. We’re not sure if this was will be a common theme for future Babymetal music, but it certainly should make it easier for fans to sing along for the upcoming tour.

While the song isn’t the pounding experience “Karate” was, it’s definitely a solid metal ballad. We’d be surprised if it didn’t inspire fans to start waving a sea of lighters whenever it’s perform on the upcoming world tour.

Metal Resistance will be available on April 1. You can pre-order the full album now on iTunes (Japan), Amazon (US), or Amazon (UK). The world tour starts April 1 as well and you can find schedule information here.

Source: YouTube/BABYMETALofficial, Facebook/BABYMETAL, Billboard
Featured image: YouTube/BABYMETALofficial