You wouldn’t want to mess with the disciples of the Fox God.

BABYMETAL has finally released a music video for the lead single off their new album, “Karate,” which debuted on BBC’s Radio 1 last month. The song is what you heard a few weeks ago, so if you liked it then, you’re pretty much guaranteed to love this.

As for the video, it’s an incredibly slick production with heavy use of special effects, moody lighting, and intense costume design. We’re not sure we’d go so far as to say that it represents a more mature BABYMETAL, but it definitely seems indicative of a move towards a dark tone with a greater emphasis on the metal aspect of their “kawaii metal” music.

▼ An emphasis we absolutely love

The full album, titled Metal Resistance, will be released in just about two weeks on April 1, which will also see the start of the group’s worldwide tour. You can pre-order the full album now on iTunes (Japan), Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK). “Karate” is available on iTunes (Japan) or Amazon (US) or you localized iTunes store.

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Featured image: YouTube/BABYMETALofficial