If ever you needed a frown turned upside down, never was there a better smile-inducer than Face Swap.

Face Swap, for those of you living under a rock, is an application for the iPhone which allows you to do just what the name suggests- swap faces with others. Face Swap Live allows for the same mug-mixing madness, but in video form, and the results are almost always side-splittingly hilarious! The craze has even made its way over to Japan, so let’s take a look at what silliness has ensued…


We’re just going to leave this here:


It’s sometimes hard to tell why Face Swap swaps the “faces” it does…


We’re pretty sure Face Swap isn’t sure why it does either.

▼ This is what nightmares are made of.


▼ “I’d tried swapping faces with my dad once but it ended up switching with a drawing behind me, and now when I tried swapping faces with Lola it changed me with the video intercom.”

▼ The other photo in question


Here’s someone who had a little more success swapping with a celebrity they like.

▼ Trading faces with Avril.

▼ “Good morning!”
“I’m Kaneko’s mother.”
“… I wonder what am I?”

https://twitter.com/mariko15gg/status/705002743933435904 https://twitter.com/ari_tay_ILY/status/705316157172031489

▼ Some things cannot be unseen…


▼ Hoping for financial success? Putting your face onto a 5,000 or 10,000 yen note (equivalent to a US$50 and $100 bill) is a start.


▼ Or, um… maybe not.




Bye bye, everyone!

Sources: Hamustaa Sokuhou (1, 2), Twitter
Top image: Twiter/ @akaxsou (edited by RocketNews24)