With the iPhone 6s set to launch on September 9, the current model of iPhone will soon become old news. But if you’re one of those who doesn’t mind not having the newest, shiniest version on the market, you’re sure to be able to find a great deal, as stores try hard to get rid of back stock before herds of Appleheads flock to get their shiny new toy.

Take this au store in Japan, for instance, whose workers were out shaking things up with a special dance in an attempt to advertise their awesome iPhone 6 deals.

One of Japan’s main mobile providers, au (pronounced “A U”), in attempt to sell as many iPhone 6 units as possible before the launch of the new 6s, was offering special deals on the purchase of the old model. Twitter user @milast31, who lives right across from one particular au store, happened to catch the workers’ silly attempt at attracting customers with their dancing and signs.


Some of the signs read “Two days only!”, “Get it cheap today”, and “iPhone6 0 yen”.

@milast31’s video has been retweeted over 68,000 times since it was posted on September 5, and has received a lot of feedback from the online community.

“They’re blocking the way; no one can get in.”

“Wow, they’re trying hard aren’t they? Not that I’m going to buy one…”

“How annoying, going all the way out to the sidewalk like that. They’re blocking the way for pedestrians. That’s gotta be against the Road Traffic Act.”

So were their methods effective? Probably not so much, but their charisma is certainly admirable, and watching them boogie while playing some Earth, Wind, and Fire ups the amusement meter a few notches.

Source and top image: Twitter/ @milast31 via すまほん‼, IT速報