Technically compatible with all smartphone models.

With touchscreens becoming increasingly inexpensive and reliable, odds are the basic design of smartphones is going to be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Having pretty much the entire front surface be a single touchscreen boosts functionality while providing easy-to-see visuals, which is in many ways the best of both worlds.

However, the drawback to this is that phones pretty much all look the same now, with squared or rounded corners being about the only variation from one model to another. That’s why so many people seek to personalize their devices with unique smartphone cases, and though we’ve seen models that tap into fans’ love of fantasy, samurai, and Pokémon, this lucky phone owner might have the best smartphone “case” of all.

“New iPhone case, now on sale.”

“Caution: Occasionally, the case may bite the phone.”

Embracing that iPhone is Uru, a Scottish Fold with an apparent love of electronics. While a little adjustment would make for a firmer grip (Uru’s left leg could be doing a better job cradling the unit), it’s hard to imagine a cuter way to protect your gadgets from scrapes, scratches, and other cosmetic damage.

Cats are, by nature, curious, but Uru’s fascination with technology might stem from the fact that he sometimes gets to play with his owner’s iPhone too.

Then again, Uru might just be covetous by nature, judging from his apparent tendency to claim various household objects as his own.

But as much as Uru likes to hold stuff, as a fluffy feline, sometimes he’s the one who ends up getting held.

After all, when you’re a kitty with an important job in the tech center, you’re going to feel pretty tired at the end of your shift.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@uru_uru_kedama