The “real-life” version of the Ghibli character has people splitting their sides online.

In Japan, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to head outdoors in fancy dress, especially if you’re a lonely spirit from an animated world, like Spirited Away‘s No Face, who’s been pictured in the past playing a melancholy instrument on backstreets around Aomori Prefecture. Now, the masked character has made another appearance on the streets of Japan, and this version of No Face is brimming with energy, ready to race across a busy intersection filled with passing pedestrians. What the character is about to find out, however, is that there’s one thing that can stand in his way on his frenetic journey, and the way he meets his demise on the crossing has got people laughing all over the Internet.

It all started out with promise, as No Face appears to do a few stretches before crouching down into a starting position, gearing up for the race across.


▼ Then, he surprises everyone by shooting out across the intersection, like a mini pocket rocket.


▼ Before falling flat on his face. Or should that be no face?


The prank-gone-wrong, which social media users say was filmed in Fukuoka, has everyone laughing online.

“OMG, this is hilarious!”
“I watched this on the train and burst out laughing.”
“I wish I could’ve seen this – it’s surreal!”
“I can’t stop laughing at this!”
“The gods must’ve been watching over the intersection, tripping him up and protecting the people!”

A number of other sightings of No Face in running mode have appeared on the Internet, with this image taken of the character running up the stairs at the station.

And this one, filmed at another location earlier this year.

With Halloween edging closer, it’s likely that No Face will be spotted at even more locations around the country soon. Let’s just hope they keep their mouths shut in public and refrain from eating and regurgitating people like the character in the movie!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@sakanappe1932