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Stop passing around your phone to share pics – just project them onto the closest wall… or tree!

We’ve seen some impressive projection technology before, like the Pokémon fan who created a 3D battle arena from scratch, but sometimes it can be a little complicated. QR codes? Plexiglass prisms? Unity software?! I just want to project some cat videos!

Well soon enough, we can. This August, Sony will be releasing the LSPX-X1, a tiny projector that packs a big punch: this three-inch projector can make a display size ranging from 22 to 80 inches, bigger than most TVs!

You can watch Sony’s official video for the LSPX-X1 here:

▼ Perfect for when you want a change of scenery
and all that’s outside is a white oblivion.


▼ And with its speakers, it looks great for watching movies during sleepovers… even if it’s just a one-person sleepover.


▼ You can angle the projection too, making it easy to trace drawings…


▼ …or to share pictures with people while lying on the floor.


▼ With its tiny size and wi-fi capabilities,
there are a plethora of projection possibilities.


Excited to start projecting annoying memes onto people’s shirts? Or perhaps a pristine view onto your apartment wall?

Well, first make sure that the LSPX-X1’s 92,500 yen (US$815) pricetag won’t break your bank, then head on over to Sony’s website to preorder one. They won’t ship until August, but that gives you plenty of time to get your portable display keyboard to go along with it.

Source/images: SONY
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