Bandai Namco announced on Monday that the company will open a virtual reality “experience center” in Tokyo next month.

“VR Zone: Project I Can” will give individuals to test out the latest in virtual reality technology without breaking the bank. In exchange, Bandai Namco gets valuable feedback on how to improve their virtual reality simulations.


The company will offer six games to try out:

  • Fear of Heights Show: Rescue a cat located on a thin wooden plank 650ft above the ground.
  • Ski Rodeo: A ski simulation with high cliffs
  • Real Drive: Drive a sports car on a circuit
  • Escape Ward Omega: A horror game in a giant abandoned hospital
  • Train Meister: A simulation that puts you in control of a train on the Yamanote Line
  • Argyle Shift: A mecha battle simulation where you and your co-pilot take on another giant robot.

Bandai Namco is streaming a teaser of users trying out the Fear of Heights simulation.

The simulation center will open on April 15 and run until mid-October.

[Via Silicon Era]

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