A new way to dice an onion is said to be trending online and with good reason. It looks a little dangerous but chances are you’re going to want to try this too.

This video made its way to Japan via Twitter user London Chuzai Joshi whom our epic Japanese skills lead us to believe is a Japanese girl living in London.

▼ “[Trending in Morocco, dicing onion]
No need for a cutting board and no scattering, it made a person who sucks at chopping onions like me see the light. It can be finely cut easily and the crunching part looks fun too, so I want to try it at least once. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t make me cry either.”


In the video we see the cook cupping half of an pre-peeled onion in the palm of their hand. The other hand holds a small knife with which they appear to randomly chop into the open face of the onion.

There doesn’t seem to be much method as far as where and how much to chop into it. The person in the video seems to be hacking at  it with all the care and precision of a young Micheal Myers as they spin it around 360 degrees.

Then they bring the open face straight up and cuts a thin spiraling slice around the top. As a result tiny cubes of onion fall into the bowl ready to go.

Needless to say, this method should be attempted with considerable caution seeing as you’re basically swinging a knife into your own hand. Move slowly at first and get a feel for how it’s done. Also notice how the person in the video angles the onion when chopping.

However, even when going slowly you’re still going to save yourself the hassle of wiping down the cutting board and if London Chuzai Joshi is correct, the only tears you may be shedding are of joy over this revolutionary technique.

Source: Twitter/@london_girl03 via Grape (Japanese)
Images: Twitter/@london_girl03