Adventures in Morocco: Our Japanese language reporter orders a hamburger, gets a surprise

There was meat, there was bread, and there were fries, but it still wasn’t quite as expected.

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Our adventure of becoming an apprentice camel guide in the Sahara

Our of our writers left behind city life to take a shot with the camels in the desert of Morocco, but how did he fair?

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Novel way to dice onions quickly may reduce time and tearing up…but may increase bleeding

A new way to dice an onion is said to be trending online and with good reason. It looks a little dangerous but chances are you’re going to want to try this too.

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Goats on a Tree

You wander the Moroccan desert lost, dehydration and the scorching sun draining the life from your body more and more with each passing moment.

An oasis appears. A pool of water at the base of a lush tree promise relief from the heat and hope that you may yet find your way home.

You run towards the oasis but then stop suddenly. Did that tree just bleat at me?

You rub your eyes and, as the illusion evaporates into the unforgiving sun, you realize: that tree isn’t covered in foliage, it’s covered in goats. And that pool of water? That’s goats too.

You murmur to yourself: What the $!&#.

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