Next-level knife skills create gorgeous garnishes in all sorts of shapes and designs.

Japanese cuisine is known for being as tasty as it is beautiful, with attention given to every last detail, right down to the garnishes on the plate. And while the skills used to create these stunning garnishes can take years to master, watching a pro create them can be as satisfying as watching a knife slice through warm butter.

Twitter user @oiri_kitchen is currently satisfying and wowing people online with his master knife skills, thanks to a viral video that shows him slicing and dicing the humble cucumber to create over a dozen different garnishes.

Take a look at the mesmerising video below:

The clip shows how quickly a skilled professional can create a number of garnishes from just one type of vegetable. And not only are different knives used for different tasks…

▼ The way of holding the knife changes as well.

▼ The completed works at the end are so pretty they deserve a tweet of their own.

The cucumber isn’t the only vegetable ripe for transformation, as Oiri’s Twitter account is filled with other plant-based masterpieces as well.

▼ Even young ginger can be made to look like works of art.

The 23-year-old’s knife skills are so good that people have been asking where he gets his knives from. Oiri says he uses knives from Jikko, an Osaka-based company that’s been in business since 1901.

Jikko is located in Sakai, a city where a number of Japan’s top quality knives are produced, and while Oiri doesn’t specifically state that he has any affiliation with the company, some of the videos on his account look like they’ve been filmed at Jikko.

Here’s a cucumber garnish video from the official Jikko YouTube channel:

▼ And a video showing the same board and a similar garnish, but filmed slightly differently.

With Oiri mentioning that he looks forward to seeing people at the store, a lot of the signs point to Oiri being the person behind the hands in the Jikko knife videos, though he falls short of confirming it.

▼ Dainty lotus root, anyone?

Oiri says cooking is a hobby for him, and he hopes to spread word about the beauty of Japan through his videos. He’s already gained over 3,000 followers on Twitter, many of whom he says are from overseas, despite only being on the platform for less than six months.

One of his first videos showcased the humble carrot, decorated over a dozen different ways.

There’s no denying this young man has a talent when it comes to making Japanese food look beautiful. Maybe one day he’ll decide to collaborate with the Japanese knife man, who’s known for making knives from unconventional materials like jelly and rice, to see how well a cucumber knife cuts through cucumbers.

Or maybe a lotus root knife for slicing lotus root? The possibilities for a collaboration like that would be endless!

Source, images: Twitter/@oiri_kitchen
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