Kitty’s table manners could use some work, but full points for cuteness.

Traditional Japanese meals generally include some kind of fish and are eaten at a low table, with diners sitting on the floor. But that mix of healthy fare and old-school elegance came about before house cats were common in Japan, which can sometimes throw a wrinkle into dinnertime for modern families.

Japanese Twitter user @kirara_santa_ recently shared this video of her family sitting down to eat dinner. On the menu that note was grilled fish, placed on their own plates for each person in the Japanese style. The one at the edge of the table is meant to be for @kirara_santa_’s dad, but Kirara, the family’s kitten, seems to think it should belong to someone else.

Time after time, Kirara reaches up to grab the fish, only to be thwarted by Dad’s comparatively speedy hands. After a couple of failures, it looks like Kirara is ready to give up, but it’s just a ruse to lull her owner into a false sense of security before trying again.

Despite her continued efforts, though, the cat seems to know it’s all in vain, as even when it does manage to get a paw on the fish, it braces for it to be brushed away with an almost remorseful expression.

This isn’t a case of the family being stingy or letting the cat go hungry, however. While the video was being recorded, another fish, with less salt added than the humans’, was being prepared for the feline. As a matter of fact, Kirara, who was originally a stray that the family picked up and took home with them, looks to be well-loved by her housemates, including Santa, the family dog. The two pets get along so well that they sleep snuggled together…

…and the elder Shiba Inu even grooms the kitten.

And besides, we don’t think anyone could stay mad at Kirara when she looks so adorable doing a proper Japanese apology bow (even if she is taking a nap at the time).

Source: Grape, Twitter/@kirara_santa_, Twitter/@kirara_santa_ (2)