Kids do the funniest things – good job social media’s here to help broadcast the magic moments!

Those us of who grew up pre-Internet can rest easy in the knowledge that most of our childhood embarrassments remain safely ensconced in photo albums and our parents’ wry anecdotes. But in this digital age, when adorable baby antics are begging to be shared with simply a few clicks, who can blame modern parents for wanting to share all the fun of raising kids?

A hashtag which has recently been doing the rounds on Japanese Twitter invites parents to do just that. A search for #育児衝撃画像, which means “shocking/impactful child-raising image” brings up tons of cute kid capers, and we’ll share some of the highlights here!

▼ Who can spot the baby amongst all those Pikachus?

▼ Usually kids hate having their hair cut, but this little dude looks the picture of relaxation!

▼ Speaking of strange sleepers, this jungle gym contraption looks about the least comfy place for a nap we can imagine.

▼ And of course, who could forget that little kid staple, the Fall Asleep While You Eat?

▼ This disembodied diaper seems to be missing a toddler. We’re impressed the kid managed to step neatly out of these pull-ups without making a mess on that nice shiny floor.

▼ Sure, sure, you can use the bouncer that way up.

▼ Ferret smuggling never looked so cute!

▼ An unfortunate mishap with the hose.

▼ Suffering from hatch envy, this kid has turfed Bunny out and taken up residence.

▼ It’s the amazing DogBaby!

▼ Because why wouldn’t you rinse your hair with sand?

▼ This little girl has an impressive collection of toys. She’s got a Rilakkuma teddy, a couple of fashion dolls, and one very realistic looking baby doll!

▼ Nowhere to place your toy shapes? Dad’s face will do as a handy receptacle. (Keep watching for his reaction!)

▼ This baby might be a wrestling champ when he/she grows up. Until then, the cat will do for practice.

While it seems totally normal these days to share pics and vids of one’s kids online, there are hints that the younger generation are beginning to tire of all this social media overexposure. Heck, kids these days don’t even want to be on YouTube anymore. And we can’t say we blame them – are there any weird and wacky incidents from your childhood that you’re glad were spared the spotlight of social media?

Source: Netlab
Featured imageTwitter/@Pika_fd3s
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