wood fish 1

What looks like a fish, sits like a fish and fries like a fish? A piece of wood.

We’ve seen a lot of food that is too beautiful too eat, but how about art that looks delicious enough to eat? Well, after you take look at some of these pieces, you may start feeling your stomach rumbling — but you wouldn’t to take a bit out of any of them! Why? Because they are actually made of wood!

Wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki, is absolutely blowing our minds with his realistic food art. It’s not just his carving skills that are put on display, but his ability to paint them with such intricate realism. You would think these little fishies had just come out of a snack bag!

▼ At least one of them didn’t.

It appears this little fish has a practical use as well (besides freaking us out), since you can use it to hold your chopsticks when you aren’t using them. Just like this pepper we swore was an actual pepper!

▼ The carving took three hours, the rest took another two hours

You’ll need somewhere to put down your chopsticks, because you are about to eat a piece of toast, no chopsticks needed here!

▼ Wait a second…

There are plenty more examples of his unreal carvings on his Twitter page. The pieces look so real, that you might just drool a bit while scrolling through. Just be sure that you bite into a real piece of food and not one of these pieces of carved wood!

Source & images: Twitter/@sawsnht