Why vote at the polls when you can vote with rolls… toilet paper rolls!

We men devote much of our lives to wondering about what women think about us. Do they prefer short men or tall men? Do they prefer dark hair or light hair? And most importantly, do they prefer hairy or shaved armpits?

But perhaps the most important question of all is the age-old one: do women prefer a man who is handsome but poor, or a man who is ugly but rich? Unfortunately those of us who are neither handsome nor rich are left out of the equation, but alas, the question remains.

To get the most honest answer possible, one women’s bathroom in Japan set up an ingenious polling method: asking women to “vote” for the man they’d prefer by using the toilet paper roll from that side.

▼ The question asks: “who would you date?”
Left side is “poor but super-handsome” and right side is “super-rich but ugly.”

Well, unfortunately for those who are blessed with a pretty face but no cash, the left side seems to be hardly used. The right side, however, is down to the last dregs. Good news for those loaded with cash but not good looks, I suppose?

Here’s what Japanese netizens thought of the paper-polling:

“Maybe… maybe they just recently replaced the left side’s roll?”
“I wonder how many people just grabbed paper without reading.”
“I mean, I can’t say I wouldn’t choose the same.”
“And I, who am neither rich nor handsome, am less than toilet paper….”
“Why is nobody asking why there is a poop-poll in the bathroom?!”

Of course it’s important to bear in mind that this is as informal a poll as it gets, although it is technically consistent with other similar surveys.

So for all of us non-rich guys out there, we just have to get a little creative. Maybe try giving the apple of your eye a special Christmas-bow Coke? Or perhaps sharing a Pocky on Pocky Day will make her fall in love just like the two guinea pigs? Don’t give up, we can’t let the toilet paper beat us!

Source: Twitter/@sotugyou1000 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@sotugyou1000