The capybara council of cute is now in session!

So we all know that capybaras, the cute South American-native rodent, love to bathe in hot springs. But it seems like they’re not a fan of water in all forms, especially when it’s falling from the sky.

The Nagasaki Bio Park’s official Twitter account posted this picture of their capybaras taking shelter during a recent downpour, captioning it with what they were most likely saying to each other, in Nagasaki dialect of course:

▼ “It’s raining cats and dogs, ain’t it?”
“And the wind’s blowin’ cats and dogs too!”
“Reckon we ain’t gonna get much done today.”

My favorite part about this photo? Not just the capybaras’ silly accents, not just their adorable noses and little feet, but also the fact that the sign above their shelter reads: “Capy-stop.” It was made just for them, and they probably use it quite often. Can… can I move in next door?

Here’s how Japanese Twitter responded to the capybara crowd:

“D’aww, they’re so cute!”
“Ah, so capybaras speak Nagasaki dialect. No wonder I couldn’t understand them.”
“This is destroying my image of capybaras as water-loving animals, but it’s so cute I don’t care.”
“Don’t catch a cold, capybaras!”

What is it about these large, round rodents that we love so much? Who knows! But if you need more capybaras in your life, don’t worry, we got your capy-back.

Source/images: Twitter/@ngsbiopark
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