Social distanced dining is a cinch with these stuffed capybara companions【Photos】

This zoo’s thought up the cutest possible way to keep some barriers up between diners at their eatery.

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Japan’s first-ever capybara cat cafe opens in Tokyo

The only cafe in Japan where you can enjoy the company of a capybara, the world’s largest living rodent.

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Capybara Onsen Challenge 2019: Which giant rodent can bathe the longest?

Furry representatives from five prefectures amaze everyone with their love of hot springs as they compete for this year’s illustrious title.

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The tragic tale of Maruo the Capybara: Zoo’s death announcement sounds like a harrowing drama

As sad as it is to lose any animal from their entourage, this zoo went above and beyond to mark this furry friend’s passing as a real tragedy.

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Capybara characters ride on each other’s heads and walk home through Japanese shopping mall

Just another regular day in Japan.

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How do you make a capybara even cuter? Put another capybara on its head! 【Pics】

The most capybara per square capybara you’ve ever seen.

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Capybaras take shelter from rain the best way they know how: by being adorable

The capybara council of cute is now in session!

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Cute PC character cushions from Japan protect your wrists, keep you company at the same time

Who said wrist rests have to be boring?

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Capybara across Japan ward off the sniffles by bathing with yuzu, delivering big dose of adorable

Adorable photos of capybara bathing with yuzu deliver the dose of cute that is just what the doctor ordered!

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It’s that time of year again… when we get to see giant rodents soak blissfully in a hot bath!

In Japan, as many of our readers will no doubt be aware, we love to soak in relaxing hot springs. What we also love to do is to see giant rodents taking a hot bath!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the capybaras at the Izu Shaboten Park get to enjoy their very own hot spring onsen. It’s been a tradition at the park now for over 30 years, and as far as we can tell, the public hasn’t tired of seeing the rodents looking blissful and relaxed in the warm water.

This year, the bathing ritual of the furry creatures will once again be delighting park visitors as the “Original Capybara Outdoor Hot Bath (Ganso Capybara no Roten-buro)” season begins November 21. Read More

Monday Kickstart: Naughty hamster chews its way through a stuffed animal, into our hearts

Another Monday, another few thousand spins around the old hamster wheel, right? While that sounds terrible, it’s actually pretty cute. At least if you happen to be a real hamster.

What with their plump buttstiny food portions, and under-sized houses, hamsters are easily some of the most adorable animals on the planet, right next to cats and puppies. And thanks to their tiny size, they make great pets too, though you do need to pay special attention to their teeth, ensuring that they don’t grow too long. But while teeth that continuously grow might be a chore to us humans, they’re one of the hamster’s greatest tools, allowing them to chew right through whatever their little hearts desire! Like your favorite stuffed animals…

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Capybara hot springs are back: Rodent-friendly onsen now available all over Japan

Sure, monkeys bathing in natural hot springs are cute and famous and all, but they’re just monkeys, not giant rodents! Who doesn’t want to watch the world’s biggest rodents bathe in hot water? No one, that’s who. Thankfully, the annual capybara hot spring (onsen) event at Izu Shaboten Park will reopen on December 20!

But wait! After 32 years, the capybara at Izu Shaboten Park in Shizuoka finally got word out to their rodent relatives at the other zoos and now animal parks all over Japan have hot water baths for their capybara.

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One baby capybara not cute enough for you? Chiba zoo has five【Photos】

For most groups of animals, making them bigger doesn’t make them any cuter. For example, regular spiders? Not cute. Giant spiders? Still not cute, and now terrifying.

Somehow, though, rodents are the exception to this rule, as the capybara, the world’s largest rodent, is adorable. But you know what’s even cuter? The babies of the planet’s biggest rodent, like the litter of five recently born in Japan.

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Capybara enjoying a meal at Ueno Zoo treats us to the herbivore’s version of “Hana Yori Dango”

As our readers may be well aware, we Japanese have a passion for the sakura, or cherry trees, turning it into a huge social event when they’re in bloom each spring, even though they last for only about a week. We’re also quite fond of capybaras, as you can tell from the way we delight in pampering them in hot spring baths, and also creating mascot characters out of them as well. Well, we’re right in the middle of sakura season in Tokyo now, and we’ve found a cute little picture that combines these two seemingly unrelated subjects in a delightfully unexpected way. Yes, straight from Ueno, one of the most famous sakura-viewing areas in Tokyo, we bring to you this lovely photo that has captured the hearts of Japanese netizens and gives renewed meaning to the Japanese expression, “hana yori dango.”

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In Japan, capybaras not only bathe in hot springs, they swim in your soup

We’re sure most of you have already seen photos of the little capybaras bathing in their own private onsen hot spring at the Izu Shaboten Park in Shizuoka, Japan. Now with a little creative food play, you can put your very own capybara in hot water…and eat them too. But what are they made out of?

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A tiny capybara bathes in a piece of toast at karaoke parlors across Tokyo

Even if you can’t make it out to the Izu Shaboten Zoo in Shizuoka Prefecture, you can still see a capybara take a bath at karaoke joints across Tokyo thanks to Pasela, a chain of high-class karaoke parlors. When it comes down to it, their “Capybara-san Honey Toast” is basically just an entire loaf of bread with some sugary toppings, but that cute little capybara face might inspire you to get one for the shear cuteness of it all.

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Cute Animals Enjoy Hot Water Massage Therapy in Japan 【Video】

Have you ever seen a capybara? Originally from South America, and immensely popular in Japan, capybaras are actually the world’s largest rodents. They can weigh as much as a person, can run as fast as a young horse, and they can bark and purr. But that’s not all. These cute little animals love to bathe in Japanese-style hot springs. And when they do, they do it with such blissful expressions that you can’t help but smile.

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Check Out Live Streaming Video of Cute Females Bathing in Public! Right Now!!

Everyone on Earth be they young or old, man or woman, human or animal loves a good sit in a warm place.  That’s the main reason for the hot spring’s popularity in many parts of the world.

However, we caught word of one or more young females who love bathing so much they want to do it publicly on camera for the whole world to see!  You have to hurry though there’s only a short time to see it.

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