Watch these large, furry rodents indulge in a Halloween treat during this spooky time of the year. 

The hot springs-loving yet rain-hating capybaras at Nagasaki Biopark are back to entertain the Internet masses! 

Their most recent video, titlee Capybara eat Jack-O-Lantern ASMR, shows a group of the world’s largest (and chillest) rodents munching happily away at an expertly carved western-style pumpkin. Here’s the video description on YouTube:

“Since it’s Halloween season we gave the capybaras a Jack-o’-lantern. These guys love pumpkins and you can watch them crunching away with their excellent front teeth.

In the fall we hold events called ‘Capybara Jack-O’-Lantern Time.’ This year we’ve had a tough time getting our hands on orange pumpkins so they’re mostly of the green [Japanese] kabocha variety. You can enter the capybara area within the Biopark and watch the capybaras eat the jack-o’-lanterns right in front of your eyes. Occasionally they get in little spats so don’t get caught up in those…”

While we imagine the capybaras could care less about a distinctly human tradition like Halloween, they certainly don’t have any qualms about sinking their teeth into the delicious seasonal treat:

When the jack-o’-lantern is initially delivered, two capybaras sniff out the strange new addition to their enclosure before diving right in to the feast.

Soon their numbers grow as word seems to spread that there’s something delicious at their disposal.

No one does synchronized eating quite like the cappys!

Before you know it, Mr. Jack-o’-Lantern has been chewed through and is ready to collapse in on itself.

Many net users also drew parallels to another video uploaded by the Biopark about a month ago of the capybaras taking down a large, intact pumpkin:

Even if the videos don’t trigger ASMR for you as the title suggests, there is something inherently relaxing about the steady crunching and munching sounds of hungry rodents at work. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about watching our own team of writers when dining.

Source, images: YouTube/Nagasaki Biopark
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