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Designs inspired by multiple series, including A War in the Pocket, are causing a stir online.

Twitter user and illustrator @papao_pao is also a dojinshi, or independent comic, artist. As such, you might expect @papao_pao, who also goes by just plain old Pao, to be a fan of certain time-honored visual traditions of anime and manga, such as giant robots and well-endowed women in skimpy attire, and you’d be right.

As a matter of fact, Pao has managed to combine these two muses by creating concept drawings of lingerie that takes styling cues from the mecha of Mobile Suit Gundam, starting of course with the titular RX-78-2 Gundam itself.

▼ Gundam

GB 1

▼ Gundam Bra

GB 2

Pao did more than just render a standard bra and panties in the iconic robot’s trademark colors. The outer surface of the cups is pleated in a manner evocative of the Gundam’s chest-mounted exhaust venting, and the detailing on the back of the shoulder straps brings to mind the handle of the mecha’s beam sabers. Even the illustrated model’s earrings are done in the style of the robot’s ducting.

But as a franchise with decades worth of content, there’re literally hundreds of robots to choose from in dreaming up Mobile Suit-derived intimate apparel. Pao’s illustrated collection also includes the Z’Gok Teddy, which goes from this…

GB 3

…to an outfit with a glow-in-the-dark mono-eye ribbon, Iron Nail inspired hip flares, and more chest vents (apparently functional ones this time).

GB 4

And Pao is just getting started.

Dom and Qubeley

GB 5

Dom Stockings, with crossover Heat Saber handle bra straps, and Qubeley Babydoll, with T-back accent in the shape of the robot’s semi-autonomous funnel satellite combat drones.

GB 6

Gundam Mark-II (Titans coloring)

GB 7

Gundam Mark-II Lingerie, featuring G Defenser docking fighter craft-style long gloves, Vulcan machine gun pod earmuffs, and two-layer material as a shout-out to the robot’s armor-on-frame construction.

GB 8

▼ The Kampfer, as seen in Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

GB 9

Kampfer Camisole, with Sturm Faust rocket-propelled grenade strap accents and chain mine garter belt

▼ The RX-78NT-1FA, the heavy-armored version of War in the Pocket’s “Alex” Gundam, reimagined as a bodysuit, with its tights bearing a pattern similar to that used for the mecha’s shield.

So far, that’s as far as Pao’s series of Gundam lingerie illustrations go, but with plenty more source material to work with, and seemingly no lack of artistic talent or imagination, we’ll probably see more mobile suits given the soft, silky treatment again in the future.

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Top image: Twitter/@papao_pao
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