Japanese lingerie models show off all the gorgeous details from the unique collection.

It wasn’t long ago since we first laid eyes on the “12 Signs of the Zodiac” illustrated lingerie range by Japanese anime artist and Twitter user @papao_pao. The sketches were so unique and creative that they immediately caught the attention of Japanese lingerie manufacturer Izumi, who decided to manufacture the range in real life.

Teasing us with four star-sign releases at a time, the company has now revealed the final sets in the range, showcasing the styles of Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Aquarius, which represent the four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

First up in the collection is Pisces, which takes its inspiration from the Greek myth behind the star sign, where Aphrodite and her son Eros turned themselves into fish to escape Typhon, a monster who threatened the gods and goddesses at Mount Olympus. These two fish were honored by being placed in the sky as the constellation Pisces.

Drawing on this myth, the Pisces lingerie set also honours the two fish, by showing them on the sides of the cups and in the form of a two-tailed ribbon in the middle of the bra. The fish imagery also appears on the side and back of the pants, with small embellishments resembling the foam of the sea.

The lingerie outfit for Aquarius is modelled on the myth connected to the star sign, which centres around Ganymedes, also known as Ganymede, a handsome Trojan prince who was kidnapped and sent to heaven by Zeus to be appointed as cup-bearer of the gods.

The see-through material and unusual shoulder strap design here is said to resemble the flowing nectar, poured by Ganymedes for the gods, which bestowed them with eternal youth and vigour. The blue frills on the front resemble a liquid foam, while the lace straps on the back hark back to Ganymedes’ kidnapping.

The Capricorn lingerie set is inspired by the star sign’s mythological origin story, where the god Pan jumped into water to escape the monster Typhon, but only managed to change half of his body, ending up with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish.

The white babydoll top gradually becomes pink at the bottom, and is paired with pink pants, designed to resemble a pink salmon, harking back to Capricorn’s fish-like lower body. Flowers on the lace straps are a nod to the god Pan, who looks after the hills and fields, while the lace covering on the front of the pants resembles the scales of a fish.

The Sagittarius set is modelled on Chiron, a half-man and half-horse centaur who was shot by Hercules with a poisoned arrow.

The three-piece garter set comes in a brown shade with white fur embellishments to represent the half-horse centaur. Between the cups of the bra and the straps is an adorable metallic horseshoe latch, while on the back of the pants is the centaur’s tail.

Each lingerie set retails for 4,480 yen (US$40.91), except the Pisces design, which retails for 3,980 yen. To make a purchase, head on over to the official site, or if you’d like to gaze at more of @papao_pao‘s creative lingerie sketches, check out these chess piece sets and ideas inspired by the robots of Mobile Suit Gundam. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see these illustrated undergarments come out into the real world too!

Source, images: Izumi Body Labo