Tokyo will once again be able to boast a giant anime robot come September.

Since the start of this month, people out and about in the Odaiba neighborhood of Tokyo have been snapping photos and shooting video of the under-construction full-size statue of anime’s Unicorn Gundam mecha. While the 19.7-meter (64.6-foot) tribute is a literally huge undertaking, the hard-working crews have been making rapid progress on the RX-0 (to use the robot’s alphanumeric designation).

Just last week, the Unicorn’s stalwart head and torso were lifted by crane and attached to the legs, which were already in place at its home outside the Diver City entertainment complex. The result had expectant fans asking just how much work was left to be done. The answer apparently is “very little,” and now comes the sudden announcement that the Unicorn Gundam will be completed and shown off in full-form for the first time on September 24!

So what needs to be done between now and then? Judging from the above photos, tweeted on August 23, the mecha still needs a few coats of paint, and it’s yet to get any of its insignia stickers or other graphics. Crews are also likely still in the process of adding wiring for the 50 different parts of the robot that will be illuminated at night, as well as installing motors for the reconfiguring sections of the Unicorn’s face, shoulders, hips, and knees (a portion of which we’ve already gotten a sneak peek of), since the RX-0 is a semi-transforming unit.

If you can’t wait another month, you’ll be happy to know that due to the statue’s size anyone can stroll up to the edge of the construction site and take a gander anytime they want. Patient types will be rewarded, though, as the September 24 unveiling promises to be an exciting opportunity to rub elbows with fellow anime fans as you collectively bathe in the warm pink glow from the Unicorn Gundam’s many, many lights.

Source: Gundam Portal Site via Jin
Top image: Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue official website

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