Almost everyone takes their photos from right underneath the anime robot, but a little distance gives you a whole new perspective.

There are some sights in Japan that are so awesome that you never really get entirely used to them. A prime example is Tokyo’s life-size Gundam statue. Sure, it’s been standing in the Odaiba neighborhood for more than four years now, but seriously, it’s a 19.7-meter (64.6-foot) tall giant anime robot! That’s not something that ever starts to feel humdrum just because you’ve already seen it a few times before.

So even though Japanese Twitter user @PLAU90446365 has lost track of how many times he’s visited Odaiba’s RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, when he made his latest return trip this month he once again got out his camera to snap a picture of the mecha, standing not far from the robot’s feet in the plaza it occupies. Several other fans were doing the same thing, which prompted @PLAU90446365’s girlfriend to ask:

“How come everyone is taking their photos from the same spot?”

“Because it looks cool from here!” replied @PLAU90446365, and it’s hard to argue that the standard location is a good one. It’s not the only good one, though, as @PLAU90446365’s girlfriend proved by guiding him to a different position farther away from the statue, because, as she explained…

“See how cute it is if you take the picture from here? It makes it look like Gundam is standing in a field of flowers!”

And it really does. The shot was taken from the park adjacent to the shopping center the statue is in front of, and the distance and angle completely obscure the ground of the concrete plaza that the Unicorn Gundam stands, while the perspective makes the field of tulips look like it stretches all the way to the mecha’s feet.

In addition to over 42,000 likes, @PLAU90446365’s tweet has been met with comments such as:

“I’ve never seen the Unicorn look as lovely as this.”
“Your girlfriend is awesome for thinking of this.”
“So cute!”
“People are saying it’s cute, but I think it’s really touching too. It looks like it’s a world that no longer needs weapons.”
“The Unicorn in a world at peace.”
“It’s like the last episode of an anime series.”

Tulips generally bloom until late April, so there’s probably another week or two for shutterbugs to snap pictures like this, but now we’re also wondering what other seasonal flowers in the park you could take photos like this with.

Source: Twitter/@PLAU90446365 via Jin
Top image: ©SoraNews24
Insert image: Twitter/@PLAU90446365
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