Department store Parco teams up with the video game giant to create over 300 new fan fashion items.

Nintendo’s Super Mario has gotten a lot of milage out of essentially just one basic look, overalls and plumber’s cap, for the past 35-plus years. The rest of us, though, tend to change things up with our wardrobes a little more frequently, and that’s where Japanese department store Parco comes in.

This summer, Parco is partnering with roughly 60 of its fashion brand tenants for a gigantic Collaboration Item Fair crossover with Nintendo’s flagship franchise. They’ve unveiled a few of the items, and one of the most eye-catching is this inventively inspired yukata (summer kimono) with a Mario aesthetic from Kimono by Nadeshiko.

Odds are if you’re a Mario fan you’re not averse to some bright reds in your clothing, in which case there’s this pattern with illustrations of the leading man, Princess Peach, and Luigi, plus Bowser and a collection of his minions.

Or you could opt for this classy night-stage version, which also has Mario’s “M” emblem on each side of the chest, like and old-time samurai clan crest.

▼ The obi (sash) is reversible, with one side featuring the red-on-red artwork seen in the second kimono.

Discover Japan Lab is ready to help accessorize with some cool folding fans.

There’s Western-style Mario fashion too, like Bullet Bill bags

…and Mario/Luigi wallets from Furfur and Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, respectively.

For the Nintendo-loving gentleman, Hipshop, the same brand that makes adult-size Pokémon underwear, has a lineup of Super Mario boxer briefs, each of which also has a fruit theme.

▼ Using strawberries instead of peaches for the Princess Peach pattern feels like a missed opportunity, though.

For formal occasions, Lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty has a full-fledged Princess Peach Dress, coupled with a tiara

…and Giraffe is offering neckties and tie clips.

This is just a small sample of the complete lineup, which also has plenty of more casual items like T-shirts, socks, and pouches bearing Mario’s likeness. The whole batch will be available starting July 1 at Parco physical locations and through the chain’s online store, and if you are stopping by a brick-and-mortar location, don’t forget that the Shibuya Parco building is also where you’ll find the Nintendo Tokyo superstore.

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Source: Parco via Narinari, PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Parco
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