Check out this adorable themed cafe in celebration of Kapibara-san’s 10th anniversary, but hurry because it’s only open until March 28!

We’ve shown plenty of love for capybaras before, especially when the furry little guys are taking a relaxing dip in an outdoor bath. Sure, the world’s largest rodents may look a bit odd and have a tendency to space out, but something about them has charmed people across Japan. In fact, 10 years ago, Japanese company Tryworks even designed an adorably round, head-is-half-of-its-body-size character named Kapibara-san (“Mr. Capybara”) which has gone on to become an enduringly successful franchise. While not as popular or recognizable overseas as some of his counterparts such as Hello Kitty or My Melody, Kapibara-san is now more or less a household name in his native Japan.

▼ Welcome to the wonderful world of Kapibara-san and friends!


In this writer’s humble opinion, one of the key elements of Kapibara-san’s appeal (apart from that giant head and tiny, waddling feet–you can never go wrong with tiny, waddling feet) is a brilliant marketing scheme to produce a ridiculous number of regional goods such as key chains based on famous places and cultural artifacts from around Japan. For some of us, immediately activates that “gotta catch ’em all” mentality from when we were ten years old (you know who you/we are).

▼ Variations galore–click on any regional Kapibara-san on this interactive map to find out its location-specific information.


Can you feel yourself starting to fall in love? If so, then we’ve got some good news and bad news. First, the good news–Nagoya City’s Parco department store is currently the site of a temporary Kapibara-san 10th Anniversary Cafe full of extremely delicious and cute limited-edition Kapibara-san treats. Now, the bad news–we only caught wind of this place yesterday, and the cafe will only be open for business until March 28–less than two weeks away!

Even if you’re not currently living in Nagoya, don’t the following pictures just make you want to hop on a bullet train (or plane, for that matter) to enjoy some capybara fun?


▼ The plushies also make an appearance!


If you’re like me, you must be dying by now to check out some of the all-too-adorable food on the special anniversary menu, on which each menu item is whimsically named after a different character and capybara-specific lingo from the Kapibara-san universe. It’s also worth noting that customers will randomly receive one of two Kapibara-san 10th anniversary placemats, and guests who order a drink will also randomly receive one of three special coasters.

All righty then, onto the food!

▼ Kapibara-san’s Shachihoko Omelet Rice ~Spinach-Covered Cream Sauce~ (1,080 yen/US$9.55) (Note: The shachihoko is a creature from Japanese folklore with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp. It is also the symbol of Nagoya Castle.)


▼ Everyone’s in the Green Meadows Sandwich Set ~Nagoya’s Famous Miso Pork Cutlet Sandwich~ (1,380 yen)


▼ Kapibara-san’s Gafu Gafu Cherry Blossom Affogato (1,080 yen/$9.55)


▼ They’re Back! Nosu Nosu [Stacking Capybara] Pancakes Deluxe Nagoya Version(1,180 yen)


▼ Atsui-san’s Piping-Kot “Meraaaa” Neapolitan Pasta Skillet (1,280 yen)


▼ Iwai-san’s Auspicious Ochazuke [green tea poured over rice] Set (1,380 yen)


▼ Kapibara-san’s Totetete Marshmallow Chocolate Pie (1,280 yen)


▼ Kapi-jii’s Japanese-style Mont Blanc set…What Was It Again? ~Kapi-jii’s Wisdom Included~ (1,380 yen)


That’s it for the food–but what would a Japanese themed cafe be without a collection of special beverages, too?

▼ Big Brother’s Love-Filled Soda for Kapibara-san (920 yen)


▼ Hidamari-san’s Rereshing Chamomile Tea (830 yen)


▼ Choose-Your-Own-Design Hot Latte with Marshmallow (680 yen)


Finally, let’s take a peek at the Nagoya-exclusive merchandise being sold at the cafe, which includes commemorative postcards at 150 yen each to 1,500-yen clear bottles.



▼ The ever-popular and adorable key chains are 400 yen a pop.


▼ Finally, these tin badges are 300 yen apiece.


If any of you make your way to the cafe, let us know in the comments. We’re always happy to exchange oohs and ahhs over these cute capybaras.

Restaurant information
Kapibara-san 10th Anniversary Cafe in Nagoya / カピバラさん10thアニバーサリーカフェin名古屋
Address: Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Sakae, 3-29-1, Nagoya Parco West Building, 8th Floor Parco Gallery
名古屋市中区栄3-29-1 名古屋パルコ西館8階パルコギャラリー
Open 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
Last order at 10 p.m., shop closes at 9 p.m.

Source, top image: Parco Art
Top image: Parco Art

Insert images: Parco Art, Tryworks (1, 2)