Are you a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? If your answer is yes, you’ve probably been dreaming of this day your whole life. Finally, you can look like your Barbie doll!

We’re not talking about getting thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery to look like Real Barbie or wearing Barbie heads in your shoes. But we are talking about wearing undergarments that match those of your Barbie doll. You’ll be like twins!

The Japanese lingerie and apparel shopping website Peach John, has a lingerie line called Yummy Mart. Yummy Mart is teaming up with Barbie and LAFORET, a lingerie shop in Harajuku, to bring you a limited edition collection of Barbies and underwear to match!

Which doll do you want to dress like?

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The campaign, which runs from February 7 through March 1, is in honor of Barbie’s 55th birthday (man, she’s looking good for being middle-aged!) The featured items include a limited edition Barbie that comes wearing one of three patterned lingerie sets: graph check gray, psychedelic, and multicolored gingham. Each variety of doll also has different colored hair and a different necklace. The dolls will cost you a whopping 12,000 yen (US$100), but there are only 48 being sold, so if you’re lucky enough to get one, it should be well worth the money in the end.

The retro fit is cute and hip!

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If you want to look like your new doll, or just want to match the outfit of the ever-stylish Barbie, you can for only 3,685 yen ($30). If you’re worried that no one will ever see your cute high-waisted, tube-top (with detachable straps) lingerie, or appreciate that you are indeed dressed like the fashion icon, Barbie, fear not! The garments can actually double as a swim suit and are ideal for “show your bra” kind of fashion. The retro-fit combined with the modern patterns makes for very charming swimming attire.

All the patterns are so cute!

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Finally, if you really like Barbie, but don’t necessarily want to match with her, there are some vivid pink underwear with a cute Barbie screen image on the bum. The boy-short fit and soft fabric are designed to let you lounge around your house in comfort. You can grab these for only 1,200 yen ($10), but snatch them up quickly, there will only be 50 pairs available!

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If you are a die-hard Barbie fan and want the doll or pink knickers, you better head to Harajuku on Tuesday, January 27. Something tells us that these are going to fly off the shelves, so you might want to order ahead of time. The good news is, however, that the amphibious lingerie will also be available online at Peach John. We’re willing to bet that Real Barbie will be getting herself a set too.

Images: Peach John, PR Times
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