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This flipbook animation will have your heart doing flips right along with it.

At this point, we’re used to Japanese commercials turning us into puddles of tears, with Toyota and Pampers in particular giving our heartstrings a good plucking.

But there’s one place we didn’t expect to have our emotions taken for a roller coaster ride: a city’s promotional animation.

Tsurugashima City in Saitama Prefecture recently put out a promotional, animated video on their Facebook page in an effort to get the word out about their city and increase tourism.

Will it be effective? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the clip. There’s no dialogue, only music, and though most of the text is understandable through context, we’ve provided some translations below.

▼ We start off with a boy who’s not looking too happy about moving to Tsurugashima City. Geez, not a great way to start off your city promotion, guys.

tsurigashima 01

▼ And then he gets caught in the rain! Talk about having a bad day….

tsurigashima 02

▼ But then he finds a doll in a puddle…

tsurigashima 03

▼ …which happens to belong to a girl.

tsurigashima 04

▼ She tells him all the great things about Tsurugashima City, like koinobori (carp streamers flown on Children’s Day) and flowers…

tsurigashima 05

▼ The blooming sakura…

tsurigashima 06

▼ And their crazy dragon parade! What a place to live!

tsurigashima 07

▼ And hey, as it turns out, the girl’s family lives right next door.

tsurigashima 08

▼ The two of them grow up together and fall in love.
Wow, what a great ending to a-

tsurigashima 09

▼ What?! The girl’s father is being transferred to another prefecture?!

tsurigashima 10

▼ Tsurugashima City… my heart was not prepared for this!

tsurigashima 11

Want to see how the emotional roller coaster ends? Then check out the full video below!

It may not have gotten you to jump up and take the next plane to Tsurugashima, but we’d be surprised if you didn’t get at least a tingle of excitement thinking about visiting and seeing all the places in the animation.

Source/images: Facebook/Tsurugashima City