It’s capsule toy-ception!

There have been a number of weird gachapon toys released over the years — and we love all of the strange miniature figures available across Japan. But these new tiny cat toys and cat accessories still managed to leave us surprised!

▼ In particular, we applaud the dedication to realism with cat poop in the litter box.


This new set, called the “Cat Rearing Set,” will be available in June and will feature six toys: Two cat towers, a paper bag, cat food, cat toys, and, of course, a litter box with tiny, plastic cat poop in it. Each capsule will cost 200 yen (about US$1.83) if bought individually from a gachapon machine. Sadly, the toys don’t come with cats — you’ll need to supply your own mini-felines to get full use of these miniatures.

▼ But we’re sure they’ll thank you for the new toys — just like real cats!


As you can see, you can also combine the cat towers for super cat toy fun! You can also have your miniature cat toys hide in the “paper bag” while you try desperately to get them to pay attention to you, pointlessly swinging the cat toy in front of their adorable faces.

▼ Plastic cats love (and ignore) you just as much as your real cats.


Now, the only question is, if you get the capsule toy litter box, will your capsule toy cats even poop in it? Or will they be keep leaving presents in your shoes? Only one way to find out!

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Images: Amuzu, Capsule Toy Mikke, Embrace Japan