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This short video from Pampers Japan takes a moment to celebrate not just baby’s, but mother’s first birthday. It sounds a little bit cheesy, and yes, it was ultimately made by a multinational company promoting their brand of nappies (or diapers in non-British parlance), but it is nevertheless insanely moving, and we challenge you not to cry, or at least tear up, while watching it.

While these young mothers were taking their babies for their one-year check-up, with the help of their husbands the Pampers team set up a mini photo gallery in the hallway for them to discover on their way out. Accompanied by thank-you messages from their husbands, the photos documented baby’s first 12 months of life and reminded the women of how much they have achieved in their first year as mothers.

If your eyes remain dry the whole way through this video, then you’re far stronger than anyone at the RocketNews24 office!

▼ In case of fluid leaking from eyes, stare at this happy little baby until it stops.

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Source: YouTube – Pampers Japan h/t Kotaku US
Feature image: YouTube