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For the entomologist, it makes a great broach, unless it’s alive…in which case, run!

Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, as opposed to Australia’s apt nickname, “Land Where Everything is Out to Kill You”. However, the little island is still home to some frightening insects like the giant Asian hornet.

▼ “What am I supposed to do with this…?”


Colloquially known as the osuzumebachi (lit. ‘giant sparrow bee’), these monster hornets grow to be about two inches in length. But, if this Twitter picture is to be believed, this “sparrow bee” looks a lot bigger than two inches!

▼ “It’s the first time I’ve seen one this big.”


Twitter user @sun_s_k snapped these photos of a giant Asian hornet resting on a sweater, which gives us a pretty good frame of reference for how big this thing actually is. Imagine reaching into your closet and encountering one of these beasts! We aren’t sure we have the courage to go back and take a picture of it.

▼ “Due to so many replies, I uploaded a bunch of pictures.”


You definitely have to be careful with these hornets around, while one sting from their six millimeter (0.24 inch) stinger won’t inject enough poison to kill someone who isn’t allergic, multiple stings can be lethal to grown adults. Fortunately, the Twitter user later tweeted that the hornet had been disposed of without anyone getting hurt and that there was no need to worry.


At this time of year, the hornets are starting to come out of hibernation and it’s generally the queen who wakes up first. These yellow and black nightmares are generally most active from August to October, so be especially careful during those months. We’re just glad this story ends with no one getting injured because that thing is seriously huge!

Top Image: Twitter/@sun_s_k
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