It not only looks like Sailor Moon’s Disguise Pen, it’s also a beautifully designed, high-quality fountain pen. 

Sailor Moon is a timeless classic anime, and Sailor Moon herself was named one of the 10 most iconic anime characters by Japanese netizens. Those of us who grew up with her remember all of the triumphs, failures, laughter, and tears that the Sailor Scouts experienced over the years, as clearly as if they were our own.

That’s why Japanese fans clamored to buy a brand new, exclusive fountain pen that is shaped like Sailor Moon’s Disguise pen from Season 1. Every Sailor Moon fan wants to feel like a Pretty Guardian from time to time, but this pen will make you feel like Neo Queen Serenity with its almost magical beauty and elegant sophistication.

“With this Disguise Pen, you too can become a lady you admire.”

It comes in the classic gold and pink colors that are almost synonymous with Sailor Moon, and the shaft is made of a special kind of Lamé, a cloth made from metallic threads, which gives it a modest pearly sparkle that will “appeal to every young maiden’s heart”. The gem on top is made of cubic zirconium, cut in a very fine pattern, and it sits on a gold-plated pedestal embedded with rhinestones made of glass. Even the tiny gold motif on the pen’s cap ring is in the shape of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch.

The nib, which is made of stainless gold ion plating, has even been laser-etched with a crescent moon and other Sailor Moon inspired designs. It’s fine pointed for extra delicate, ladylike writing, making for not only a beautiful design, but an exquisite writing experience.

It comes in a pretty, pink, cloth-padded box, along with a bottle of aptly named “Sailor Pink” ink. It’s a special color designed just for this product; you probably can’t get it anywhere else.

▼ This Twitter user also has a “Tuxedo Black” shade of ink, though they don’t say where they got it.

This gorgeous, fan-pleasing fountain pen is made by Sailor Fountain Pens, which is a very punny collaboration. Sailor Fountain Pens is a company founded in 1911 that focuses on high quality, luxury writing utensils, and this Sailor Moon Fountain Pen is no exception. With its attention to minute detail that speaks to every fan, it’s no surprise that such a pen would sell for 24,840 yen (US$230).

Sadly, this pen was available only through preorder from Japanese collectible site Premium Bandai until April 16, but if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be able to buy it from a hobby shop or a collectible seller in the near future.

In the meantime, there are quite a few other Sailor Moon products for sale on Premium Bandai’s international store, and you can still get your sweet limited-edition Universal Cutie Rod from Universal Studios Japan until June 24. It might be hard to get your hands on this particular product, but there are plenty of other beautiful Sailor Moon products out there to satiate your fandom needs.

Sources: Twitter/@itoshi_no_e, Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai