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“Hello, I made these. You may tell me how cute they are now.”

We’ve seen the Nagasaki Bio Park capybaras before when they were taking shelter from the rain as adorably as possible. Now they’re making news on the Internet again after one female capybara gave birth to three furry little fuzzballs that have captured the attention of Japanese twitter.

▼ The babies were born on April 21, and they’ve been alone with their mother for the past several days as they get acclimated to their new environment.

▼ Eager guests will have to wait a little longer before the babies are ready to meet their adoring fans at their public debut.

Many commentors expressed their excitement for when the babies will join the rest of the Nagasaki Bio Park capybara community. Here’s a sample of some of the colorful characters they’ll be living with:

▼ There’s the capybara conga line…that mostly just sits and doesn’t conga very much.

▼ Some capybaras are proud of all that junk in their trunk.

▼ The royal capybara navy

▼ The fancy, upper-class capybaras who hold their noses high in the air

▼ And the singing capyabara, who sounds like a cross between a bird and a horse

Need more capybara love? Don’t worry, we’ve got you capy-covered.

Source, images: Twitter/@ngsbiopark
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