Want a robot vacuum but worried about the robot revolution? There’s a pet for that!

Roombas and other robot vacuums have almost become common place, and if you don’t own one, there’s a good chance you’d still appreciate some automated help with the daily chores. Unfortunately, these aren’t exactly cheap devices. And then, on top of that, there’s always that eternal concern about the robot uprising. If only there were some alternative — a fully organic, totally adorable alternative…

Well, we’re not sure how well it will catch on, but Japanese Twitter user @hidetosh1_ has a solution that’s turning heads online! We present: The Ferret Roomba!

▼ All the money went to research, so they couldn’t afford horizontal video, apparently…

Of course, @hidetosh1_’s all-natural automatic vacuum probably isn’t all that thorough, but it definitely should get points for cuteness! And it doesn’t use any electricity — though we suppose ferret food isn’t free, either. On the other hand, it’s probably not nearly as much fun to pet a Roomba…

Now, we know ferrets aren’t as popular as cats, but we can’t help being charmed by these furry faces.

▼ Just look at how fluffy it is!

Internet commenters loved the video as much as we do, writing:

“OMG, where do I go to get my own vacuum like that?”
“So, is this the Dyson model?”
“If Roomba’s really were like this, I’d want one for my home.”

“Here’s a pet that will clean up its own stray hair!”

Hm, maybe this is the perfect business opportunity — if only someone could figure out how to train cats to clean up all their hairballs.

And if you need more cute animals being cute, you’ll want to check out these capybaras taking shelter from the rain! They may not clean up after themselves, but at least they’re not making a mess either.

Sources: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@hidetosh1_