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One Luffy, three cups… and the result is one mesmerizing piece of art!

You may remember this skilled Twitter user’s fantastic paper-cup manga of Doraemon from a few months ago, or perhaps his ashtray and fruit art even further back. Well now @shin___geki is at it again, this time with everyone’s favorite pirate, Luffy from One Piece.


The scenes are made by twisting around stacked paper cups at varying intervals to change scenes and dialogue of the characters as the story progresses. @shin___geki also incorporates scenes that pop out, and continues on to the bottom and even inside of the cups.

The imagination and creativity of this 23-year-old apparently knows no bounds; his Twitter account is full of his other unique works so be sure to check him out, and check back here with us because it likely won’t be long before he’s wowing us with yet another project!

Source and top image: Twitter/@shin___geki