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Grab your tickets and your keyblades, because two Kingdom Hearts concert series are coming with a total of 15 performances in six countries.

Back in 2002, it would have been extremely easy for Disney and Final Fantasy developer Square to shake hands on the deal to co-produce Kingdom Hearts, quickly and cheaply slap together a half-hearted video game starring their dozens of iconic characters, and them wait for their legions of preexisting fans to supply them with a tidy little profit. Instead, so much passion and artistry went into Kingdom Hearts that it’s become a successful franchise in its own right, loved by gamers around the globe for its emotional story, original characters, and stirring music.

If that third element really speaks, or sings, to you, you might want to open your calendar and mark down a couple of dates to keep open, because not only is the music of Kingdom Hearts getting its first dedicated live concert performances, there’s also a world tour with full orchestra set to make stops in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia.

The musical festivities kick off with the Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath-, a name the organizers showed considerable restraint in choosing, considering that the video game series includes installments such as Re: Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Featuring a brass and wind ensemble, the Kingdom Hearts Concert will be held four times, twice in Tokyo on August 11, then once each in Nagoya on August 27 and Osaka on August 28.

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Those are all sure to be memorable events for fans, but the real excitement comes next year with the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour-.

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Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the original Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra series will have a full orchestra playing pieces from the games’ soundtracks, accompanied by projected images of their artwork and graphics.

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The first performance will be held in Japan, but after that the World Tour earns its title by visiting six additional cities in five other countries.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- schedule
Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum) March 10, 2017
Paris (Salle Pleyel) March 18-19
London (Central Hall Westminster) March 24-25
Singapore (Esplanade Concert Hall) May 6-7
Shanghai (Mercedes Benz Arena) May 28
Los Angeles (Dolby Theatre) June 10, 14
New York (United Palace Theatre) June 24

Tickets for the Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath- can be reserved online here through the Square Enix e-store, with prices ranging from 6,500 to 7,000 yen.(US$61-$65). Pricing for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- has yet to be announced, and will likely vary by venue, but preorders for performances outside Japan will open on April 30, 2016 through the website of concert promoter La Fée Sauvage.

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