Three paper cups is all you need to create your very own moving manga.

Japanese Twitter user Shinrashinge (@shin___geki) has created a cute manga featuring our favourite characters from the popular series Doraemon. Only it involves a twist — or several twists, really — as it’s made from three paper cups which form the moving parts.

▼ Using cut-outs, the cups provide three layers of art to work with, meaning character dialogue can change in the one scene.


The layers also help to bring details to the foreground and blend one scene with the next, creating an ever-changing visual, just like a short anime.

▼ As the story unfolds, Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka climb into Nobita’s drawer to board the time machine.


Since uploading a video of his Doraemon paper cup manga in action, the clip has received more than 270,000 retweets. It might be only 28 seconds long, but it’s captivating enough to watch over and over again.


Twitter users have fallen in love with the video and the artist’s smart creation, leaving comments like:

“You tugged at my heartstrings when you made Nobita’s desk drawer open”

“I could feel your love for Doraemon as I watched this!”

“This is beyond amazing. I want to buy one!”

“I love how you turned the 2-D images into 3-D”

“Did you cut your thumb while making this?” (The answer to this was “yes”)

To see more of the talented 22-year-old’s creations, you can take a look at his three-cup One Punch Man manga here and a collection of his unusual ashtray art here. With his prolific output of clever art, we’re sure it won’t be long before we get to see more from him again!

Source: Togech
Images: Twitter/@shin___geki