genderbent zootopia

Say hello to Jude Hopps and Nicky Wilde.

Zootopia was one of the most surprising box office hits this year. What many people assumed was going to be a movie about talking animals that only little kids could enjoy actually turned out to be a deep, moving story with memorable characters and themes.

Just as with anything popular, cosplayers are flocking to the plethora of cool character designs from the film. The two main characters, Judy Hopps the rabbit and Nick Wilde the fox, have inspired cosplay before, and now Taiwanese cosplayers Hedy Chuang and Hizuki Aya (who we’ve seen in the past with some heartwarming Howl cosplay) are putting their own spin on the Zootopia stars…or at least their genders anyway.

▼ The cosplayers have affectionately named their gender-bent creations Jude Hopps and Nicky Wilde.

▼ Nicky’s seriously upped her fashion-game with some fancy boots instead of bare fox feet.

▼ And Jude has traded in the wrist and knee pads for a full suit.

▼ “What? For me? Jude, we’re just supposed to be partners!

▼ “Although you are kind of cute…”

▼ “And soft in that bunny sort of way…”

▼ “Maybe it’s just the night howlers talking, but sure. Why not?”

▼ Here’s a picture from another one of Aya’s photoshoots where he plays Nick. Bunnies, don’t worry, there’s plenty to go ’round.

▼ And here’s another eye-catching one of Hedy’s.

If you like what you’ve seen, then be sure to check out Aya and Hedy’s Facebook pages for more foxy cosplay.

Source, images: Facebook/HedY cosplayer