From viral hit to real product with the help of fans online!

When the illustration above turned into a hit online last year, we suspect the artist maruco never really expected to see it turn into a real product. But a cool idea is a cool idea, regardless of its source, so it was really only a matter of time before the “blooming” umbrella became a thing you could buy!

▼ Next step will be getting the dress in stores too!


The illustration eventually caught the eye of a staff member at Wakutsuku!, a company that helps turn people’s ideas into actual products. We imagine for someone like that this design is impossible to resist — and based on the images they’ve added to their crowdfunding campaign, we have a feeling this will be a huge success.



As you can see above, when opened up, the umbrella looks like a beautiful Japanese morning glory blossom! Even better is the umbrella case, pictured below, that you can get with it…it turns your folded up blossom into a bud just waiting to bloom.

▼ We can’t decide which form we like best!

Heck, you could also just get the case and use it with any old umbrella you have lying around, though it probably won’t be nearly as much fun to open it up that way.

The umbrella is currently pending completion of its Campfire crowdfunding campaign. They’re nearly 2/3 of the way done with more than 34 days left, though, so we have a feeling they’ll finish without any problem. You can get in on the umbrella action here, but only if you live in Japan or have someone who can help you. Sadly, Campfire does not allow people living overseas to back campaigns. That said, you might be able to use a reshipping service to help you if you’re really desperate. The cases are available for 1,500 yen (about US$14) and a set with the umbrella and case is 4,700 yen (about $44).

▼ We have to say, it is a very pretty umbrella!


And if you can’t get involved in the crowdfunding campaign, we imagine they’ll eventually release the umbrellas in retail. But until then, you can sooth your aching heart watching Mr. Sato try on this crazy outfit he found in Harajuku!

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Featured image: Pixiv/maruco
Images: Campfire

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