It’s the perfect way to stand out while staying dry during the rainy season.

It’s been quiet on the Bibi Lab front lately, with the company known for its unusual sailor uniform-style oufits and life-sized human-shaped body cushions hunkering down in the ideas lab ahead of their latest release: the rolling umbrella.


As the name suggests, the umbrella is designed to be rolled alongside you, like a suitcase, which provides a fun alternative to the ordinary method, which involves carrying the annoying thing around with you while dripping water all over your shoes and clothes.


It’s also a handy way to protect men’s private parts, as it eliminates the wild swinging motion which some women like to employ while getting around.


In cases where people drag ordinary umbrellas around, the tip is likely to become ruined quite easily. That problem is quickly solved with the addition of two polyurethane wheels, or “tyres” as the company likes to call them, which allow for quiet, smooth rolling.


The inner components of the umbrella are made from polypropylene instead of steel, which makes it both durable and light to carry, even with the two wheel attachments overhead.


▼ Whether up or down, the umbrella is sure to turn heads with its wheel-ly cute features!


With a suggested retail price of 4,400 yen (US$39.91), the 670-gram (24-ounce) umbrella can be purchased from a number of online retailers like Amazon Japan and Rakuten, where it’s being sold for the bargain price of 1,799 yen plus postage.


Source, Images: Bibi Lab, Rakuten/Shanghai Donya