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And you can be a part of it too by donating your own plushies.

Organ transplant in Japan is an issue that doesn’t get a lot of press, but is currently in a dire situation. Each year only about 300 people out of a total of 14,000 on waiting lists get the replacement organs they need, which is far behind the rest of the world.

In order to raise awareness about this issue and hopefully change people’s minds about organ donation, an organization called Second Life Toys is doing something seriously cool: giving broken plushies a new life via donations from other stuffed animals.

▼ You start of with the”recipient” of the donation…

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▼ …who is matched with a suitable donor…

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▼ …and is then given a second chance at
being played with thanks to the donation.

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It’s beautiful in a way: separately, both toys weren’t being used anymore; but once together, both toys get to live again.

Considering the numbers for child organ transplant in Japan are even worse than those for adults, using toys to inspire people to think differently about organ donation seems like a great idea.

You can watch the official video put out by Second Life Toys (in English) here, or scroll down for some highlights.

▼ If you donate, you get a letter from the recipient telling you about how your donation helped them, making the bond between the toys much more than just fluff.

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▼ And there have been many more success stories than just Mr. Giraffe.
For example….

second life toys 09

▼ An elephant with a squirrel’s tail for a trunk…

second life toys 04

▼ A bear with monkey boxing arms…

second life toys 05

▼ A whale with some amazing dragon wings…

second life toys 06

▼ A sheep with bear legs…

second life toys 07

▼ And many, many more… so long as there are donors!

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Like they said in the video, through Second Life Toys, “Someone’s precious toy keeps on living as someone else’s precious toy.” If you’d like to donate your own unused plushies to give a loved stuffed animal a new chance at life, then check out Second Life Toys’ homepage.

Hopefully if enough people contribute to their cause, they can help change minds about organ transplants, and get people the help they desperately need.

Source: Second Life Toys, YouTube/Second Life
Images: YouTube/Second Life