Pair the talk of the birds and the bees with pregnant dolphin and manta ray plushies.

Marine life has plenty to offer when it comes to inspiration for goods that we can enjoy while on dry land, with everything from giant isopod tea bags to jellyfish umbrellas.

And for Aqua, a company that makes an assortment of animal-themed goods, marine animals have inspired a new plushie series titled “Sense of Wonder.” It features a simplified version of the arctic food chain, a mother penguin feeding her chick, and pregnant dolphins as well as manta rays.

“Sense of Wonder” has a total of five new plushies. The first two focus on a straightforward breakdown of the food chain in icier waters, including two of nature’s top apex predators: the killer whale and the polar bear.

The killer whale set includes one krill, one fish, one penguin, and finally one larger orca plushie to consume them all. All stuffed toys in this set are also attached together with a white chord.

▼ There’s nothing like cuddling a killer whale in the middle of chewing up its prey!

For folks who like fuzzier predators, there is also the polar bear set. Similar to the killer whale set, this set also features a bunch of stuffed animals connected with one string. Instead of a penguin and a killer whale, however, you get a seal and a polar bear.

▼ Is it just me or does it look like the polar bear is vomiting everything up?

On the other hand, the third plush toy released for Aqua’s new series is a penguin feeding their chick. If you’ve ever wanted to own the toy form of a penguin parent in the middle of regurgitating fish for their baby, then these plushies are perfect for you.

Whether you’re a fan of penguins or an elementary school biology teacher, people of all ages can enjoy this depiction of tender loving care without the mess, and certainly, without the smell.

Lastly, the final two plush toys involve dolphins and manta rays accompanied by their respective offspring. While at first glance the plush toys look like a great choice for an adorable gift, flipping around the larger plushies reveals…

…a sizable gap where the baby plushies can be stuffed into. Depending on your sensibilities, the fact that you can put the baby straight back into the womb may be a bit strange, but truthfully it’s not every day you come across a stuffed animal collection featuring a dolphin and/or manta ray in the middle of giving birth.

▼ If you’re looking for unique plushies to join your forever growing stuffed animal pile, these pretty much fit the bill.


While no prices have been currently listed for these plush toys, interested folks can purchase them from these stores listed here on Aqua’s website.

And if these plushies ever get beaten up from going through too many circles of life, you can always send them over to a hospital dedicated only to stuffed animals.

Source, images: Aqua (1, 2)
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