Wearable Japanese tentacle plushies are here to meet all your plush tentacle needs【Photos】

Multiple styles available so you can get the tentacle that’s just right for you.

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Don’t panic! You can now get a gigantic life-size Psyduck plushie at the Pokémon Center

Keep calm and carry on decorating your home with Pokémon.

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Huge Pikachu plush heavy enough to use as exercise weight, other Pokémon as big as a person

New Gigantamax Poké-plushies are here to steal our hearts, crush our bodies.

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Pokémon fan learns the startling truth about the Wooloo plushie

Stuffed animal of Sword and Shield’s adorable sheep Pokémon isn’t quite as sheep-like as fan expected.

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Only 75 of this gigantic anniversary Moomin plush from Japan will be made: get your orders in!

Moomin fans will love this big, beautiful plush — and thanks to the Moomin series’ 75th anniversary, he could be yours!
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Disney’s Japanese New Year’s plushies and figures are ready to make oshogatsu cuter than ever

Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and even Baymax turn into traditional symbols of good luck and the Chinese Zodiac to help ring in 2020.

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Slowpoke Pokémon PC cushion is ready to help you feel great about not getting very much done

Pokémon plushie pal’s productivity parameters are suspect, but his cuteness can’t be denied.

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Wrinkly Pikachu gets first-ever official plushie, sadness-smoothing hugs to come soon

Down-in-the-dumps Pokémon sleuth could use a confidence-boosting squeeze.

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Bitter otaku takes sweet vengeance by dragging hated anime villain behind his car

It’s been several years since one of modern anime’s greatest betrayals, but otaku heartache lingers, and must be treated with merciless road rash.

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Bootleg Chinese Pikachu plushie gets full makeover from loving fan who won’t give up on it

Suspect Detective Pikachu gets transformed into something as cute as the real thing.

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UchiPika: New Pikachu robot talks, sings, controls lights and TVs, even when Pokémon isn’t on

A talking Eevee robot is arriving in Japan this summer too! 

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New posable life-size detective Pikachu plushie commits crime of stealing our hearts【Photos】

But we’re willing to grant him a pardon in exchange for lots of fluffy hugs.

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Pikachu and Eevee pay their respects to Wobbuffet with new Pokémon bags and plushies【Photos】

Pocket Monster stars strike the iconic pose of an often overlooked series veteran.

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Kirby will devour you and your kids as an adorable new plushie pillow【Photos】

Manufacturer says new cushion “makes the dream of being sucked up by Kirby come true!”

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Japanese woman’s super sweet birthday surprise from husband comes all the way from Moominvalley

The cozy photos of a fun day spent with a Moomin friend had everyone online clamoring for a visit, too!

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Anything Pikachu can do Mimikyu can do, including turn into an adorable PC cushion plushie

Scary looking Pokémon that just wants to be loved continues to chase after its dream of becoming just like its idol.

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Pikachu and Eevee will give YOU hugs with these awesomely adorable new Pokémon pillows

The two Pokémon who get the most loving squeezes are ready to give you one right back.

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Turns out Kirby can fit perfectly into a Japanese washing machine【Video】

A Twitter user made this startling discovery when their mother tossed a beloved cushion into the laundry.

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Sailor Moon Luna PC cushion plushie is here to adorably stop you from goofing off【Photos】

If she can keep the anime heroine from slacking off, she should be able to help you stay focused too.

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Celebrate Totoro’s 30th anniversary with new and exclusive commemorative Totoro items!

Beloved anime character Totoro is celebrating his 30th birthday this year and is getting an exciting line of new merchandise that Ghibli fans won’t want to miss! Read More

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