Finally, a toy for masochists who only want to be nibbled at a teeny-tiny bit!

I’ll be the first to admit it—when I pet my cat and get a little chomp in return, the overwhelming cuteness of the action overwhelms any pain I might have felt. This goes double for really small cats whose teeth haven’t grown all the way in yet, and apparently, it’s something parents get a kick out of too! When your baby is too small to have any teeth, the soft feeling of them gnawing on your finger is…well, kinda adorable! What a shame, then, that this period of worry-free nibbling is so woefully short.

The geniuses at Japanese corporation Yukai Engingeering have figured out a placebo to recapture those bygone gummy chewing days. Their line of robotic toys titled Amagami Hamuhamu (literally “Playbiting Numnum”) was inspired by team members’ real experiences of raising their own children. The initial concept for the toy was to reproduce that sweet, short-lived experience infinitely, and it looks as though they’ve made some excellent progress!

▼ The cute calico cat on the left is Yuzu and the Shiba Inu pup on the right is Kotaro.

These products aren’t officially for sale…yet. Since this might be considered a niche product by some closed-minded investors, Yugai Engineering plans to utilize crowd-sourced funding to release their initial batch of Amagami Hamuhamu pals sometime in the spring of this year. Until then, you can enjoy the teaser website they’ve set up and subscribe to their mailing list to keep tabs on their jaw-wiggling journey.

▼ I’m feeling soothed already.

The company has even stated that they’re willing to share the technology used in these toys so that all kinds of stuffed animals will be able to detect the presence of your finger (or, er, whatever else) and gently nom on it without any worry of injury or indecency.

▼ Simply install the Hamu Ring System into the plush of choice, and voila! Now it can chew you!

This is only the latest in the variety of weird and wonderful potential crowdfunding ideas we’ve covered on the site. How else are brilliant minds meant to fund ideas like Onionade, the onion-based beverage? Or this cool watch styled after a Sengoku-era warrior’s armor? We really hope that this project reaches its goal too so that even more people can appreciate the art of having your finger bitten very, very gently.

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Source, images: PR Times

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