You’d better come equipped with lots of decoy candy if you hope to escape this demonic daycare facility.

An ambitious project is underway in Nagasaki City where an actual kindergarten will be remade into the hellish St. Obakerea Kindergarten full of mystery, danger, and monsters with perpetually runny noses.

Bringing a new twist the classic haunted house formula, Obakerea producer Michaelty Yamaguchi will enlist a slew of kids to perform as the monsters instead of adults. It’s an interesting untapped resource of haunted houses as kids can scuttle around just below our line of sight and have those tiny ugh… tiny hands.

But don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking this a kids’ haunted attraction where you stick your hands into a bowl of wet grapes and feign terror. This haunt will be the real deal with make-up and effects helmed by Michaelty himself.

Michaelty is a seasoned artist and “haunted house specialist” who was worked on films and television as well as a number of haunted attractions and zombie related events around Japan. Needless to say, despite the name, St. Obakerea Kindergarten will not be child’s play.

Here is the background story:

St. Obakerea Kindergarten Story – An Outbreak of Unprecedented Strange Incidents

A large kindergarten looms over the quiet streets of Nagasaki…

Every year, the principal dresses as a demon for the Setsubun holiday and scares kids to the point of tears. The kids wished they could get him back but had no way to do so. Then one day, a mysterious man in black looking like the Grimm Reaper appeared and cursed the children with the power of fear!!!

Upon receiving the man’s power, fear transfigured the kids into demons ready to exact their revenge. They attacked the teachers, trapping them and the principal somewhere in the kindergarten that has been turned into a hell on Earth.

Only blood relatives can return the children to human beings!!

Help the children regain the memory of their innocence to turn them back. Learn how while helping the teachers of this vast kindergarten facility. Find where the principal is being held and regain peace to the kindergarten!!

Judging by the description, St. Obakerea Kindergarten sounds like it will have a lot of puzzle elements as is the fashion with a lot of escape games these days. Presumably participants here will take on the role of the kids’ family members.

What else this kindergarten of horrors holds will remain a mystery until it opens its doors on 5 June, which is when they also hope to achieve an actual Guinness World Record as “the world’s youngest haunted house.”

Either way, it’s sure to be fun. I mean, how can something made by a guy named “Michaelty” not be fun?

Source: ValuePress!, Obakeyashiki, Netlab (Japanese)
Images: ValuePress!