Awesome Japanese kindergarten magazine comes with sweet DIY capsule vending machine

Magazines for kids in Japan are so cool, even the adults want it.

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Kindergartener teams up with little sister to pull off cutest Ryuk and L Halloween costumes ever

Already a better Death Note than the Netflix version.

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Here’s a funny anecdote about Japanese kindergartners (maybe) yelling “killing me” in unison

Small children nowadays are sure getting to be more and more hardcore, eh?

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Japanese “horror kindergarten”, where the kids are literally little monsters, to open in June

You’d better come equipped with lots of decoy candy if you hope to escape this demonic daycare facility.

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Japanese dog hotel and groomer opens adorable “puppy pre-school”【Photos】

It’s not just kids who started school year this April—proud pet parents in Tokyo are sending their furry friends off for housetraining at this cute “kindergarten” that’s just for dogs.

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China’s Mini Girls might just be the world’s youngest idol group【Video】

These kindergarteners might be mini in stature, but not when it comes to talent!

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Kindergartener brings a surprise guest to school for the best show and tell ever

Young children are full of surprises, but sometimes the biggest surprise comes out of their backpacks. Meet Zen and the newest “student” at a Thai kindergarten, his cat.

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Is this the coolest kindergarten in the world? Probably 【Pics & Video】

Does the architecture of a building have an effect on the lives of the people inside of it? One famous Japanese architect thinks so and we’re pretty convinced now too.

Takaharu Tezuka, a Tokyo-based architect, designed a revolutionary kindergarten building that not only lets the kids run free, but also teaches them about life.

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Chinese Kindergarten Offers Premium Package: Two Hugs a Day for Kids of Paying Parents

Recently a kindergarten in Yangzhou has caused a stir for practicing capitalism at its finest.  Parents who pay an optional monthly fee can provide their young emotionally malleable child with hugs from their teacher twice a day.

The friend of one student’s parent poster about the pricing plan to the internet when they found out about it. As a result, the school has been put under investigation for unethical conduct.

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