This otaku’s epic collection is sure to leave you green with envy.

For most anime, manga, and game otaku, there’s no better way to show your dedication to the fandom than to buy as much merchandise and paraphernalia as you possibly can in support of your hobby.

But accumulating the perfect collection takes time, especially in a country like Japan with a whole market geared towards getting fans to part with their hard-earned yen in the form of character goods, multiple releases, and limited-edition merchandise.

For Sai over on Japanese video-sharing site Niconico Douga, it’s taken an impressive chunk of his life to assemble and organize his massive collection of games, figures, and comics. Now, after 16 long years, he’s finally ready to show it off to the world.

▼ The perfect otaku (house) for any otaku (geek)

As you can see, it’s a gamer and manga fan’s paradise, with room after room of comics, figures, CDs, trading cards, and various games consoles and their accompanying software stacked from floor to ceiling. In fact, it almost feels like a shrine to the Japanese pop culture gods themselves.

But while many were amazed and excited to see how expansive Sai’s collection was, there were also a number of haters who climbed out of the woodwork just to make a snide remark or two.

“Is this even a house? Looks like a retro game shop to me lolol”

“Wow… This guy had to buy a house just to store it all.”

“This is what happens when your parents don’t indulge their children’s interests!”

“Uhh.. All the colors on those CD jackets and posters are gonna warp.”

“Has he even played all those games? Dude must have an infinite amount of free time on his hands.”

“There’s no way this guy has really touched even half of his collection.”

“His place looks dirtier than I thought it’d be.”

“What a waste of money!”

Although one can’t help but wonder what kind of job Sai has or just how much money he’s dropped on his collection so far, we’re willing to bet that a good chuck of the negativity he received here comes from other fans possessed by a certain green-eyed monster.

Haterade aside, the only thing Sai appears to be missing here seems to be a proper place to sleep, but I guess when you’ve got that many volumes of manga and games to get through, sleep is for the weak!

Source: Niconico Douga/Sai via Narinari.com
Feature/top image: Niconico Douga/Sai