They’re all here! Japanese collector completes set of all 1,244 Game Boy games【Photos】

If you could buy it in a store, he’s got it.

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Japanese retro gamer completes collection of every Nintendo Famicom cartridge ever released【Pics】

Collection of over 1,000 games cost far less than you might expect.

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Maybelline and Furifu release a retro-modern “Traditions of Japan” yukata collection

These six coordinated ensembles mix cosmetics with yukata and include a specially designed yukata inspired by one of the lipstick colors.  

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Retro game dream — A massive collection of 99.36 percent of every Game Boy game ever released

Collector approaches achievement of 100-percent completion.

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Fossilized forms of Pokémon found in Uniqlo’s Daniel Arsham x Pokémon T-shirt collection【Photos】

The contemporary artist’s unique concept of “fictional archaeology” paves the way for these new illustrations of Pokémon monuments lost to time.

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Japanese man collects every single Sega Saturn game

It’s important to have goals.

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These hobby corners in Japanese homes make us full of envy – enough to fill a whole corner!

When you have enough of one interest to put it on display, it’s a sign you may need help…or more of that one thing.

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Super Barbie fan has spent over $67,000 on products, clothes and accessories【Video】

Needless to say pink is the major color motif for all the goods.

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Japanese otaku’s amazing house of anime and video game merch goes viral【Video】

This otaku’s epic collection is sure to leave you green with envy.

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Disney to release ‘Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki’ Blu-ray set

Disney announced on Thursday that it will release “The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki” Blu-ray box set. In addition to Miyazaki’s 11 feature films, the set will include a bonus disc with the 1972 television pilot film Yuki no Taiyō (Yuki’s Sun), three episodes of the 1972-1973 series Akado Suzunosuke (Little Samurai), and a video of Miyazaki’s retirement press conference.

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Valley of the 9,000 dolls: One man’s incredible collection

For the parents of the world who refuse to let their children play with gender non-confirming toys, Jian Yang from Singapore should serve as a warning to what may happen if you don’t let kids be kids. The 30-something professional wasn’t allowed to have a doll growing up, but started collecting them when he got older and is now the proud owner of roughly 9,000 dolls.

While he hasn’t gone as far as some doll enthusiasts to sate their obsession, he has spent at least US$350,000 in the last 20 years on his ever-growing collection. Click below to see pictures of Yang’s enormous stash and to learn more about what drives this self-described “toy nerd” to buy this many dolls!

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Miyazaki Blu-ray collection to be released with special bonus content but won’t come cheap!

We’re sure many of our readers have seen films by Hayao Miyazaki and know first-hand what it is like to be utterly drawn in to the fantastic yet convincing world he creates. Now, it’s unlikely anyone familiar with Miyazaki’s works will dispute that he is a giant in the anime industry, but a new DVD collection which has recently been announced reminds us just how much of a giant he is.

That’s right, a collection of anime films directed by Miyazaki will be released on June 18, and we have to say the list of movies it includes is impressive. What’s more, the films will all be in Blu-ray and come in a fancy package with extra bonus content! What fan wouldn’t want one of these, right?

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