Singular devotion to maid-uniformed fan favorite results in a home like no other.

It’s not unusual for anime fans to have a shelf or corner of their home stuffed with trinkets related to their hobby. If you’re a big enough fan, you might even have a whole room that’s sort of a shrine to your favorite characters.

But then there’s Japanese Twitter user @Onika_Rem0202, who has an entire room dedicated to his favorite character…yes, you read that right, character.

In case it wasn’t already apparent from his user name, @Onika_Rem0202 is smitten with Rem, the blue-haired, maid-outfitted fan favorite from Re:Zero−Starting Life in Another World. While the crown jewel of his collection is arguable the life-sized Rem statue seen above, it’s hardly the only representation of the character he’s purchased.

Even though it’s been two years since the release of the last bit of animated Re:Zero content, @Onika_Rem0202’s ardor for Rem hasn’t faded in intensity. Hey regularly tweets about acquiring new display cases, which then quickly fill up with figures, plushies, and other pieces of Rem merch.

▼ He’s such a fan that he’s even purchased a special perfume that’s formulated to “smell like Rem.”

But on matter how densely @Onika_Rem0202 packs his collection, there’s still only a finite amount of floor space to work with right? Eventually, he’s going to run out of places to put shelving units, and also wall space to hang up posters on. So will he then have to think about scaling back his obsession?

Not at all! He can just put any new stuff on the ceiling.

@Onika_Rem0202 is so proud of his collection that if people ask him what the best way to get into the multimedia Re:Zero franchise is, he doesn’t recommend the anime, manga, or light novel, but rather to start by taking a look at his home.

Of course, limited-edition items like the life-size statue and perfume don’t come cheap, and even if the other Ren-honoring items were less expensive, the sheer quantity of stuff in @Onika_Rem0202’s room means he must have spent a lot on it, right? He sure has, and he estimates the total tab for his Rem room to be somewhere in the neighborhood of three million yen (US$26,800).

▼ Since the inanimate Rem statue can’t cover its own mouth as it gasps in shock, @Onika_Rem0202 has to do it for her.

“With that much money, he could have bought a car!” some of you are probably thinking. The thing is, though, @Onika_Rem0202 already has a car. He’s the owner of a nicely maintained Mazda Axela (known as the Mazda 3 internationally). Oh, and of course it’s also a mobile expression of his love for Rem.

Because if you’re the kind of hardcore otaku who has an ita-room, of course you also have an itasha.

Source: Twitter/@Onika_Rem0202 via Otakomu