Quickly and easily add a bit of salacious animation to your 2-D crush using things you’ve got in your kitchen.

Generally, most people don’t think of there being a whole lot of technique involved in the hobby of “staring at anime and manga girls with big boobs.” Pretty much all you need is a picture of your 2-D mammary muse to look at, and your imagination is supposed to do the rest.

However, the pastime apparently still has room for an advanced skill set, as demonstrated by Japanese Twitter user @ShowA_P, who’s being heralded as a genius by his fellow otaku for the illustration-enhancing process he’s discovered. See, for fans of a certain mindset, the only thing better than large 2-D breasts are even bigger 2-D breasts, which also happen to be jiggling, which @ShowA_P shows is an upgrade that can be achieved with just a glass of water.


“By using a cup of water, I’ve arrived at a new frontier,” boasted @ShowA_P as he shared the video demonstrating how the magnifying and trembling properties of a glass of H20, shaken ever so slightly, can turn a still illustration into a bit of suggestive animation. The provocative video quickly provoked responses including:

“There’s no way an ordinary person would have thought of this (and I mean that as a compliment).”


“Are you…God?”

“Nothing good comes from arming a pervert with the power of science.”

But despite the sting of that last comment, @ShowA_P at least showed more restraint than the person who took his idea and decided to put his own twist on it by first using the glass of water to ogle some the illustrated bust, then make (and drink) a glass of refreshing powdered milk.

And so philosophers have a new question to debate: Are these cups half-full or half-empty of boobs?

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Source: Jin, Twitter/@ShowA_P