Super Mega Important Debate (Shower)

In Japan, the majority of people bathe at night before going to bed. Even if they don’t stick to the traditional routine of rinsing off before soaking in a hot bath, most Japanese find the idea of climbing into bed without having at least hopped in the shower first supremely icky – almost as icky as walking around your home while wearing your outdoor shoes.

In the west, however, many of us prefer to shower before leaving the house in the morning. No matter how well you slept the night before, the thought of not washing prior to putting on work clothes and heading out for the day seems pretty gross to most of us.

So for this week’s Super Mega Important Debate, we’re asking you to answer this one simple question: Do you bathe before bed or before work each morning?

So which are you? Are you an evening bather or a morning washer? Do you hop in the shower before you slumber, or do you lather up before heading out into the world? In other words, do your suits smell worse than your sheets or vice-versa? Vote for the option that best describes you and hash it out in the comments section below.

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Regular readers may have noticed that we didn’t host a Super Mega Important Debate last weekend. This was because we checked our various scientific instruments and they warned us that there were above-average levels of tension in the world and that any new form of conflict might have brought about the end of humanity. It definitely wasn’t because we were too drunk or busy to put one up. But for those of you who were eagerly awaiting the results of the previous week’s poll, here they are!

We ask you to tell us what you thought of Japan’s infamous squat toilets. Here’s how you voted.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.05.25 PM

Squatting may have been proved to be better for our health, but that didn’t stop the vast majority of you shunning Japan’s old-school toilets in favour of the seated variety. Maybe you all just need to build up your leg muscles a bit more?

Have a great weekend, everyone!